Drainage Services
London & Hertfordshire

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Why chose Hertfordshire Premier for your Drainage Services in London.

Our plumbing team is quick to respond to domestic drainage issues to ensure your home is safe to use. Our experience, along with using the correct equipment, enables us to diagnose drainage issues within a timely manner to prevent further drainage problems. 

Drainage Services

Appliance Blockages

Our drainage services cover all domestic applicances, such as toilets, basins, baths and shower units.

Pipe Blockages

Internal pipe blockages can cause a lot of issues if left unresolved. Our process involves finding and clearing the blockage, whilst also checking the pipe health and offering a fix if nessecary.

Drain Blockages

Exterior blockages are cleared by our plumbing team using exterior rod systems to safety clear any drains. Please get in touch to find out more.


Drainage services include finding the blockage and using the best options to help assist in clearing the blockage and prevent further issues.

A typical fee for clearing blocked drains is £65-£95 depending on the physical acessment.

Our team uses plungers, pumps and rods for safe and effective results.