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Why chose Hertfordshire Premier for Powerflush Services in London

The team at Hertfordshire plumbing take care when servicing your system by ensuring we clean the system throughly to guarantee the best results for your plumbing system.

Powerflush Service

A powerflush service is a cost effective way to ensure your heating system is running as efficiently as possible. 

You can easily check your radiators are working as well as they could be, simply check for cold spots or if they are slow to heat up. 

We also reccomend a powerflush service when installing a new system to ensure it’s working correctly from the start!

Don’t wait until winter to find out your heating isn’t working, get in touch today for a quote!


Powerflushing is a process of flushing acid throughout your heating system untill all blockages have been cleared. Once this is complete, we clean the system with neutralizing crystals to prevent acid from eroding the pipe.

Powerflushing ensures your appliances last longer and work more efficient.

Check for cold spots on your radiator, or whether your radiators are slow to heat up. When bleeding your radiators, you may notice a thick black sludge which shows you will require a powerflush.

A powerflush produces a crystal clear system, giving you a much more efficient heating system and ensures a longer life.

Powerflush can take anywhere from 1 to 2 days.